Self Closing Industrial Safety Gates Available For A Range Of Applications

We provide self closing industrial safety gates to suit a large range of applications. We provide these in 2 ways:

1) A full cradle to grave service – manufacture, supply, install and test.
2) Supply only service, if you wish to purchase and install the safety gate yourself.

The Kee Gate is fully compliant with all Health and Safety Executive (HSE) standards when accessing areas at height and works with roof hatches, barrier systems, ladder access, edge protection and more.

industrial safty gate

The Kee Gate meets the relevant standards for a product of this nature including BS EN 14122:2016 and BS 4211:2004. These standards are for machinery safety and refer to permanent access to fixed ladders, access to stairways, guardrails and stepladders. Also, where a break exists in an edge protection handrail.


A fully adaptable and adjustable system, Kee Gate can be installed on access points of up to 1m.

Perfect when used with areas at height requiring regular inspection and maintenance where edge access protection is needed. Other applications include use with ladders and stair access points, controlled areas at height and roof hatches.

kee gate image strip

For permanent protection against hazards when working at height, the Kee Gate provides a flexible solution. Suitable for external and internal applications, the modular product can be adapted to fit a wide range of fixings due to it “retro-fit” design.

Excellent for use with new and existing structures where access is needed.

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Technical Details


Kee Gate can be supplied with a range of finishes.

The included components come galvanised to the standard BS EN ISO 1461. Also, the American standard, ASTM A53.

Component Based Systems

Kee Gate is a diverse system comprising of tube-based components.

This gives it a distinct advantage over other products in that it is highly flexible and can be installed with a range of systems as a static and mobile access point.

Versatile Systems

The use of U-bolt clamps give the product flexibility so that it can be installed against posts, stringer and other structures.

Kee Gate can be mounted to any stringer whether square, round or tubular ranging from 33.7 mm to 48.3mm.

self closing industrial safety gates

Testing & Certification

Tested against the following standards:-

EN ISO 14122:2016
EN 13374 Class A.
Ontario Building Code, NBC and British Columbia Building Code
Canada Occupational Health and Safety
Canadian Standards Association

Official Documentation

Compliant with:

HSG 33 “Health & Safety in Roof work”
HSE Construction Sheet No. 21 “Working on flat roofs protection against falls.”
Work at Height Regulations.
European Union Directives together with requirements of CDM Regulations. USA & Canada.


The galvanised standard finish can be powder coated for your application needs to the following standards EN 13438 and USA-AAMA 2603-2605.

Systems Distributors

Available as part of a full installation or supply only.

LIFE CYCLE TESTING – BS 6375-2:2009 Clause 6.5 – Opening and closing of Gate through 90 degrees.

SALT SPRAY TESTING – ASTM B117 – 11 – 55 over 200 hours to assess performance of coating to resist corrosion.

HSE Views On Edge Protection Access

The HSE cover roof and edge protection in detail in their working at height PDF. In this document they state the following staggering fact:

“Falls account for more deaths and serious injuries in construction than anything else and roofers account for 24%”

They also discuss that adequate edge protection is a must when working on residential and industrial roofs. They go on to state:

“Getting on and off the roof is a major risk. A secure means of entry and exit is essential.”

Our self-closing safety gates are spring loaded for extra safety. This means the gate will shut on its own, once access has been gained. This removes a potential dangerous hazard in that other solutions, such as a bar or chain, introduce the risk of human error in that they may not be reattached after access has been gained.

Our self-closing gate removes the need for this distraction when a user is at height.

Mounting And Tensioning A Self-Closing Gate

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