How Guardrail Can Save Lives When Working At Height

Guardrail Edge Protection Around Roof

Guardrail systems are one of the best ways to protect workers from fall accidents.

If you are working at a height of 6ft or more above the ground, then fall protection systems must be installed by you or your employer.

Some of the basic requirement for edge protection include…

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Fall Protection Explained

fall protectionThere are now several construction sites and industrial zones that require their workers to work on structures or buildings that are very high. This can cause a number of risks. That is why every construction company needs to give their workers the right safety equipment and training to avoid any possible accidents. Despite the fact that the management provides the correct equipment and training, workers also need to be careful when doing their job as there is always a chance that mistakes will be made and accidents will happen.

If you work at height for a living, it is advisable for you to consider adequate fall protection systems. Precaution should always be paramount and the correct training should be learnt and understand clearly by you and other workers. Knowing and understanding all necessary fall protection protocols will lower the risk of a fall while you are working at height.

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Fall Protection

Roof safety anchor for safer work at height


A fall protection system is a critical element in projects requiring working at heights. Such work environments are potentially dangerous. As such, every attempt should be made to ensure the safety of all the people working there.

The fall protection systems put in place should be in accordance with the industry standards.

Employers must recognise that they have a duty of providing all the safety tools and equipment needed by their employees.

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Understanding Anchor Systems for Safer Working at Height


The number one killer in the construction industry remains to be falls from heights. As much as people keeping try, it has become difficult to change this fact. A lot of fall fatalities are blamed on the absence of proper fall protection tools or lack of training in the same.

The challenge, however, lies in the fact that protection against falls isn’t exactly easy. While finding a harness could be pretty simple, the billion dollar question is; where should it be tied off? For instance, when working on the roof, is there something to which this lanyard can be tied off?

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Working at Height

How to correctly use ladders when working at height


One of the primary issues encountered while performing maintenance tasks has to do with working at height. Utmost care must be taken to ensure the safety of the persons involved. Unfortunately, a lot of deaths and severe injuries have been reported from incidences of falls. Research findings from a report published by the Health and Safety Executive revealed that on average 50 people die each year in Great Britain, due to falls from height. A further 8702 people suffer serious injuries. These statistics are quite alarming. People should, therefore, understand how to use ladders correctly when working at height.

All attempts should be exhausted to ensure implementation of safe working practices. The very first tip entails the correct use of the ladders when working at height.

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How to Plan For Safe Working at Heights


Working at great heights can be quite intimidating if you have never done so. That is why it is important to take the time to train properly so when you do work off the ground, you feel safer and you feel more prepared for the job that you are doing.

There are a few good ways that you can plan to feel safer when you start working at these heights. And when you pay attention to them, you will enjoy your job a little bit more than you would before.

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Working at Height

How to Stay Safe When Working At Height

man in harness working on a crane

Working at heights is somewhat dangerous. For any builder, construction worker or for any individual, it is very important to keep safe whenever working at height.

You can find countless of ways on how you can stay away from experiencing an accident. Inspection, education as well as enough knowledge is needed if you want to have a safe working environment.

Now maybe you will ask yourself if where you will begin the process on how to stay safe when working at height. Initially, you must make sure that your work is suitably planned out ahead of time, if you are a worker, it must be directed by a senior staff at the same time completed by experienced people along with the knowledge and expertise to do the work appropriately.

Moreover, you must have the exact tools and equipment that must be utilized to ensure that you can work at the height safely as much as possible.

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Working at Height

The Dangers of Roof Access Points and How Our Self-Closing Safety Gate Can Help

roof edge protectionA house is definitely one of the things every person dreams of having. In fact, some people even dream of a house that is somehow similar to a palace where they feel proud and want to show to their friends and other people. But some only dream of a simple house in which they can live peacefully and comfortably. No matter what kind of house you are dreaming of and want to have, the most important thing is that it’s safe. Simply because no matter how beautiful and expensive your house is, if it is not safe and isn’t built correctly then it will not stand the test of time and the cracks will begin to show within a few short years.

Aside from that, a house where you can easily gain access is important and advisable. That is why if you have noticed there are many houses that have several doors or access in different parts even in the roof. Additionally, there are many businesses that have roof access points for when workers need to gain access in order to inspect various aspects of the roof in an easy manner.

But despite the fact that it is helpful to have an easy access point for your roof, there are a number of dangers associated with this. The following are two of the dangers concerned with a roof access point.

Dangers of accessing the roof

There is an inherent danger in roof access points in that if a worker is to trip as they approach an access point and are not wearing the correct safety equipment, there is the possibility that they may fall through any barrier protection on the roof.

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Edge Protection

How Easy Is It To Install The Kee Gate Self-Closing Safety Gate?



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